Xamarin framework

Native of San Francisco, Xamarin has raised $54 millions in 2014 in order to develop its impact in Europe. Because we are a member of the 8 french partners, we introduce ourselves among the leaders of the french Xamarin community.

This innovative technical solution allows us to create crossplatform mobile apps by sharing the development languages. With Xamarin, 80% of the code can be reused between the different platforms in a unique development environment.
Consequently, the creation of an application core permits to reduce the whole of the conception periods and maintenance.

As Premier Consulting Partner, Ideine offers its clients complete solutions exploiting the best of the displays suitable for each OS, a fall of the development costs, an acceleration of the production times and a faster publication in the different app stores (time to market).
Xamarin projects take place in perfect conditions because development teams are homogeneous. Products become better and maintenance times are shorter.

IdéineXamarin Premier Partner : Ideine and its expertise